Facts You Need to Know about Marijuana Recommendation

28/11/2011 17:05

What is Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

In the simplest definition is a recommendation of marijuana, a medical document that is signed by medical cannabis doctor approved by the State. These recommendations may be issued only by doctor they are also known as 420 doc who are licensed in good standing. The recommendation is the security of the State by the doctor, who believes "in their medical opinion" that, after having fully audited past and present of a patient medical history, as they would benefit from the use of cannabis drugs. States consider these recommendations and approve programs for their patients based on their marijuana.

Where can you get marijuana recommendations?

The only place where you can go to get a recommendation of marijuana by a licensed 420 doctor in your state. There are many states that have doctors who specialize in medical marijuana or that have medical marijuana clinics to be able to see today. You must contact your doctor or clinic and book an appointment.

Once you have seen the doctor and are completely designed for you, their clinical discretion, may give you a recommendation for medical cannabis after you can get a medical marijuana card in your state by using you can legally access marijuana dispensaries or cannabis clubs.

Top 5 Facts Marijuana Recommendation

1. Doctors only state approved can write valid and legal recommendations of medical marijuana.

2. The recommendations do not guarantee approval by the State, and may still deny your application.

3. If the recommendation is not signed by marijuana doctor, it is not legal, valid or binding.

4. Only state health departments may issue a medical cannabis card, after reviewing your application. In most states, a recommendation is not protected by the law until you have a cannabis card.

5. It is the appreciation of the doctor to write a recommendation of medical cannabis, and only if they see cannabis as a viable option for your medical situation.