How to Buy Medical Marijuana in California

21/11/2011 15:09

Medical cannabis has been invited as an alternative medicine for many years, and even doctors are now aware of this medical cannabis to improve various medical conditions. And it is exciting to know that this medicinal plant can really improve even deadly diseases such as AIDS, Crohn's disease and even cancer pain.

But how will buy this if you want to use medical cannabis to cure your illness? Are there important things you need to accomplish before you can buy this medical marijuana? These are questions not only of a few, but almost everything I knew. To answer this, I wrote the steps you need to know if you can get medical cannabis for medicinal purposes.

-> First you get a recommendation from your doctor - go to your nearest medical marijuana doctor and ask for his recommendation, you can use this alternative medicine to treat your medical condition this doctor also known as 420 doctors. Sometimes doctors do it for free, especially if you are near to them. For a list of medical marijuana doctors, you can check your local Register and also you can check on internet. They have lists of them and it's just up to you to ask from them.

-> Get a medical marijuana card for the medical use of cannabis for your nearest office of the register once they have the letter of recommendation from a valid marijuana doctor, you can now proceed with their local registration office and fill out a for your marijuana card in California there are only and only one CDPH (California Department of Public Health) issue the marijuana card with reference of recommendation latter. Remember that the letter of recommendation is a prerequisite for getting a medical cannabis card, so be sure to bring it during your appointment day or else, they won’t amuse you at all.

-> Give the processing fee – The processing fee cost a little over $59, and it usually takes a month before the issue of your marijuana card. This is a standard procedure in all the local registry offices throughout California, it takes so long, because the officer still check the background of the application and check, if you're really qualified to use medical marijuana for medical purposes.

-> Follow what the Federal California Law says about the uses of medicinal marijuana - The state of California has very strict this medical cannabis under this California medical marijuana law, to follow their instructions, in order not to penalize them. They allow to use, but in a few grams of cannabis, and if you exceed the limit, will rebuke you. At the same time the federal government is still opposed to the idea of legalizing medical marijuana, so even if state law allows, if it is used in making even for medical purposes, you will be locked in a cell of the federal government.

->Find the best medical marijuana dispensaries or a cannabis club in your nearest area - Once you have studied and understood what the law says about the use of medical marijuana, you can now start looking for a nearby dispensaries or cannabis club to buy this alternative medicine. Just make sure you find the best and the brightest among several marijuana dispensaries in the California State.

I Hope that the above information helps. After long hours of hunting over the internet, I find the some best marijuana dispensaries all over in California. I have been using cannabis since 4yrs as it was the only successful remedy in enduring my limitless pain, so those who require any legal assistance or medical marijuana assistance, I would personally advise you to visit

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