How to Utilize Medical Cannabis While on Online Dating

09/11/2011 16:43

If you are a user of cannabis who has tried online dating, you know how it can be difficult to move about the use of cannabis. Want to be ahead of the people you meet in a straight line, but go out and say that smoking medical cannabis is to take the risk. Not only because they are so lonely law enforcement officers also looking for love online, but because it was never enough to distinguish between recreational users of marijuana and other drugs.

You do not want to kill your chances of finding a date online, but voluntary label themselves "drug addict" is no place for an explanation is not compatible with many users of cannabis. So for those who are trying to find a way to tell a love story online that you are a responsible adult who happens to enjoy cannabis club without judging them or extinction, here are some tips on how to go about addressing the taboo subject of marijuana, while trying to find online love connection.

When you are on online dating you must know these four things

1. Never talk or even give a glimpse that you use cannabis

You are filling in the application for membership online dating site when you come to the some question of drug use: Such as Q: Do you do any drugs? You can stay for a while, smoke a joint, saying the brand, not to yourself: No way, I do not do drugs. It's for losers. You go to the following question: Do you smoke? You take a deep breath and mark your city, NO, thinking to yourself: No, I do not smoke cigarettes. These things will kill you.

The truth is. most cannabis users do not put themselves in the same group as hardcore drug, alcohol and tobacco users. In fact, when we look in the mirror we do not see drug addicts, nor do we refer to friends who use marijuana as someone who is on drugs.

The truth is most marijuana users do not stand in the same group as hardcore drugs, alcohol and tobacco. In fact, if you look in the mirror, we do not see drug addicts, and we refer to friends who use medical marijuana as someone who is on drugs.

For many Americans, clear thinking, medical cannabis is what killed Elvis, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger so, when that from such a general question such as do you do drugs? Who smokes marijuana user is a natural tendency to think the question should relate to drugs and synthetic drugs such as cocaine, heroin and amphetamines. The types of drugs do more harm than good and true lovers of marijuana away.

2. Never post pics displaying you using cannabis on any social networking sites

There is no shortage nug closet grows and photos of porn college kids sucking bong on the Internet, but when it comes to your dating profile you want to watch the display of his devotion to Mary Jane. This follows from the fact that even if you can attract someone you like, as the pleasure of good quality, may also be negotiated more than it can handle.

While smoking cigarettes and cigars can get away with posing for pictures profile to show how they look attractive tobacco use, it is wise for user of cannabis club do not develop in a short blunt the same farm or sitting at a table full of weeds. Not only is she crying, I'm immature and watching too many rap videos, but he says that although you can use marijuana, you can wear it as a point of honor, and when it comes to dating a line that is not necessarily a good thing.

Although I am no advocate of cannabis users should be ashamed of who they are and their future loved one wants to know that you are responsible, reliable and above all, employable. Do not discreet about using marijuana on a dating profile can not only attract the wrong kind of attention, it may even harm a person who may be OK with dating a marijuana smoker against weeds they want to meet you.

Although our society is becoming more acceptable cannabis, it was always something to do with private or shared quietly among trusted friends. Set photos of you stoned or trying to impress a girl, showing how weed will not make you look cool, and should be avoided.

3. If necessary, give a subtle hint in the profile bio

Each profile has a dating section in which you're supposed to talk about yourself and why you're a great catch. Many experts say dating to this part should be happy and full of optimism, describing all the interesting things you enjoy doing. Well written: "I want to smoke weed" may be a simple bit, no fun, and not so obvious ways to warn other users of marijuana that the two of you can share a common bond.

In Waldo, who began a period of 420, marijuana users usually have their own discreet language. So I try to be creative when you write about yourself on your profile and use of alternative terms such as holistic, 420, natural remedies, herbal, THC, etc. If they smoke they will get it.

4. Just appear right out and say it!

Finally, in order to try online dating is to find someone you can eventually develop lasting relationships with, and if you are a regular marijuana smoker is likely to happen.

Although users of prescription cannabis can easily hide your treatment, you'd better not try to hide the use of cannabis. Trust that is built may be damaged if someone comes to know a little secret about tripping over the supply of weed or worse than the smell of you, and I suspect them of lying.

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