Question and Answer to Help You Decide CA Medical Marijuana Card

21/02/2012 11:30

Many people who suffering from symptoms of chronic and often debilitating it is found that prescription drugs are riddled with side effects or drug abuse and addiction, and even (as seen from the painkillers and muscle relaxants). This is one of the main reasons why you can get medical cannabis card CA these days, so you can use alternative medicine and natural way to treat the symptoms. Of course, medicinal marijuana can not be for everyone, even if they are suffering. If you ever have any questions about this medical cannabis cards or medical cannabis, this article should help update the snap.

-> What is Legal Protection Does a California Medical Cannabis Card Offer?
The state of California protects patients who are fully respecting their rights to medical marijuana laws. The valid cannabis card Holders will not be arrested for possession, use, increasingly, purchase or transportation of medicinal cannabis.

-> Why do they give California Medical Cannabis cards?
This is the best way to keep track of this medical marijuana program, regulate and prevent abuse and fraud. Because the state manages the program, the cards are IDs that allow for check how many people are in the program, and the key to law enforcement to verify that a person is legally allowed to use marijuana as medicine.

-> How to get a CA Medical Cannabis Card
You should see a 420 doctor and be examined for your medical condition. If your doctor finds that marijuana can help you, they will write you a recommendation for marijuana. You submit that to the California department of public health (CDPH) and after few working days they will issue a medical cannabis card in mail.

-> Does the CA medical marijuana card even legal?
Federally marijuana is illegal, but it is possible for patients, that who are approved by medical marijuana doctor. In this state, these cannabis cards are in full obedience to the medical marijuana laws and are legal.

-> Do you qualify for a CA medical cannabis card?
The only way to know if you qualify is by seeing a medical marijuana doctor in California, and now under consideration. More than 160 different medicinal conditions are covered in this state during treatment using marijuana.

-> How long does the CA medical marijuana card valid?
Medical cannabis cards are issued and are valid for 12 months. Your card must be renewed every year to remain valid.

-> Who issue a CA medical cannabis card?
The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issues the cards and regulates and manages the medical marijuana program (MMP).

-> What other benefits are there with CA medical cannabis card?
You can buy marijuana from cannabis dispensaries or join compassion clubs. You can also enjoy legal protection against prosecution and you are free from discrimination as well.